Md. Homeowners: Don’t Miss Dec. 31st Deadline to Apply for Homestead Property Tax Credit

Many homeowners are unaware if they’ve applied for the credit. Some mistakenly believe they've applied but haven't.  

Maryland homeowners have until Dec. 31st to apply for the state’s Homestead Property Tax Credit program. The credit gives state homeowners a break on their property taxes by limiting annual property tax increases.

The state a few years ago enacted legislation requiring homeowners to apply for the credit or risk losing it. New buyers must apply for the credit within six months of purchase, while all others have until Dec. 31 to claim the credit for this year.

The state enacted the legislation in 2007 after finding a host of eligibility problems with the program. The credit can be used only for a homeowner’s primary residence.

Many homeowners are unaware if they’ve applied for the credit, while some mistakenly believe they’ve applied but haven’t.

To verify whether you’ve applied for the credit, visit the State Department of Assessment and Taxation website

At the site, click on the “Real Property Data Search” link in the middle column. Then select the county in which the property is located, click on “Street Address,” and enter the property address.

The Homestead Property Tax Credit application information appears at the very bottom of the property record.

Homeowners who find they need to apply for the credit should call the State Department of Assessment and Taxation at (866) 650-8783.


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