A Fast Start for the New Year (2012)

January is gonna be a busy time for my real estate work. I'm following up on some possible new clients that dropped by the Keller Williams Odenton (Md.) office between Christmas and New Years. One client is thinking of selling his nearby townhouse -- if he can be assured he won't lose money on it. A second gentleman has several aims: to scale up to a bigger, newer house (he's tired of not having a garage for his motorcycle and other toys) and he's eyeing some fixer-upper investment properties to flip or turn into rentals. And third, a young military family wants to move from the two-bedroom condo they now rent to rent a larger single family home. On another front, this week I'll start KW's comrehensive 18-session Ignite training course to help improve my business and better serve my clients. It's very motivational and is being taught by some top-notch people. I'm really looking forward to it because the class exercises can put my in some uncomfortable practice situations, which I like because they force me to adapt and grow.

Have a great start to the year!!female cialis canada