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Rents to Keep Rising — 4 Percent Per Year Through 2015

A rise in rental costs all over the country is causing more renters to consider home ownership . . . and more homeowners to buy rental properties as investments. Rents to Keep Risingwithout prescription cialis black

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Appraisals: Reflecting Market or Hindering It?

One in three real estate professionals recently surveyed said they’ve had problems relating to home appraisals in the last three months, with some saying contracts have even been canceled because the appraisal came in lower than the negotiated sales price. Appraisals: Reflecting Market or Hindering It?.

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Police Charge Real Estate Agent With Stealing Signs

Police have charged a real estate agent from Shelton, Conn., with allegedly stealing a competitor’s for-sale signs from the front lawns of listings. Naughty, naughty. Police Charge Agent With Stealing Signsbuy cheap cialis super active

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Realty Firm, Agent Sued for Not Disclosing Home’s Dark Past

Lawyers say the case involves a legal “grey area” surrounding the agent’s ‘duty to disclose’ the fact that murders occurred on the property. Realty Firm, Agent Sued for Not Disclosing Home’s Dark cialis super active online

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Odenton’s Eden Brook Condos Awarded $5.6 Million for Builder’s Faulty Construction

    A jury this week found that owners of Odenton’s Eden Brook condominiums are entitled to a $5.6 million award from the company that built their homes. According to the court ruling, NVR Inc. used inferior materials and shoddy construction practices in building the community, and

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Foreclosure Discounts Vanishing

Foreclosure discounts have nearly dried up due to low inventory levels, according to the latest housing reports. This is certainly true here in the residential areas surrounding Ft. Meade, Md. Foreclosure Discounts cialis super active

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Study: Down Payments Shrink, Buyers Bring Less to Closing

First-time buyers historically make small down payments, but repeat buyers like to put down 20 percent if they can to avoid paying mortgage insurance. Down Payments Shrink, Buyers Bring Less to Closing.cialis super active test

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Odenton’s Unlovables?

These 14 Local Properties Have Been Languishing on the Market for More Than a Year   In one sense, they’re the unlovables. The unwanteds. The last kids picked for the team. The bridesmaids but never the brides. They’re the homes that sit on the market for forever.

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Some Buyers Seek Out Lucky Numbers When Buying Real Estate

In Nevada, homes with a seven before the zeros are 37 percent more common than in the remainder of the country. Homes in the Bible Belt are 27 percent more likely to include the numbers 316 in the listing price — which reflects John 3:16 from the Bible. Some Numbers Tend

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More Americans Bank on Real Estate to Build Wealth

To fund their real estate purchase, some first-time investors are tapping retirement accounts and transferring their cash into self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts, which allow them to invest and then funnel the returns back into the accounts. More Americans Bank on Real Estate to Build Wealth.cialis super active

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